Active in our Community

As active members of our community, we strongly believe in giving back.

We are proud to have created a number of Websites for several community-minded organizations and continue to update the Websites or act as their social media teams, to help them promote their services or activities. We have donated our time or services over the years to benefit certain causes we would like to support.


Networking or Community Organizations

We are also active in various organizations, events and committees.






Our Local Blogging Community

We are happy to help promote some local Montreal bloggers, who have learned that one of the best ways to get traffic to their site is to provide quality content that can be shared on their social networks. Check out their blogs:


WSI Initiatives

Make Child Poverty History


Make Child Poverty History (MCPH) believes no one should go hungry in this day and age, particularly not children whose entire development and future potential is dependent upon their health and nutrition during childhood. We also believe that every child deserves to have clean water, health care and basic education. Providing these basic necessities of life will in turn ensure that this generation of children can provide for their families to come – future generations – so that the desperation felt today won’t continue into tomorrow.