Email Marketing

While the impact of social media marketing is rapidly growing, it is important not to undervalue the significance of email marketing for your business. There are numerous reasons why email marketing has been, is and will remain a successful marketing vehicle, if implemented correctly.


With email marketing, people choose to give you their email addresses, usually via a signup form on your website. This means they trust you and want to receive information from you. They are qualified leads.

Easy and Convenient

Communication via email is easy and convenient. Whether at the office, at home or on the go, most people check their email every day. And since people can check their email whenever they want, email is an unobtrusive marketing method.

Easy to Manage

WSI Montreal uses, and will help you set up your campaign with, the best email marketing management tools out there. These tools offer the ability to organize users and email addresses into different lists, so you can send separate emails that are targeted to specific interests, increasing the likelihood that recipients will read and act upon the emails.


These same email marketing management tools offer great analytics and statistics about your individual email marketing campaigns. These include the ability to see how many people open the emails or click a specific link in an email. Analytics are a great way to gauge what type of campaign has the most success and when campaigns should be sent, and are usually not readily available with social media marketing.

On top of these convincing reasons is the fact that email is established, accessible on all devices and a great way to drive traffic back to your Website. At WSI, we can help you set up an email marketing campaign that is perfectly suited to your business’s requirements.

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