Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing

You need a strategy to develop content that will bring you new sales leads and increase your conversions online. Using content marketing, our team can help you produce this and share it on your social media properties.

We can help you get your primary messages out to your target audience, such as:

  • Description of your strengths and experience
  • Describe why your company excels over your competition
  • Demonstrate how your product works
  • Detail how do you deliver your services
  • Demonstrate how you deliver your services

These marketing messages can be posted in a blog, written in a press release or whitepaper, which can, in turn, all be shared on your social media profiles. We work with our clients to discover who their target prospects are, what their common questions or concerns are, what problems you can solve for them and what their interests are and deliver content that will be informative and drive engagement online with clients and prospects.

WSI Montreal can help you get started with your content marketing strategy and develop a content blueprint that provides a framework on what to write about. Our professional copywriters will write targeted, relevant and SEO-optimized content.

Deliver Quality Content on Your Blog

Blogs are the Perfect Tool to keep your content Fresh and become a Thought Leader

Blogs are the perfect venue to share your knowledge, show your expertise in your field, post news, educate your clients and prospects about products, post news related to your industry and announce new product launches.

Blogs are an excellent tool to add fresh content to your site. Each post is considered a page of content in Google’s eyes – and Google loves regular content, whether it be weekly or monthly.

Our Montreal SEO experts have the technical skills and experience to set up an SEO-friendly blog that is structured correctly, includes social sharing elements to promote the sharing of your content, will not have duplicate content, and has the SEO tools necessary to optimize each blog post.

Why Leverage a Blog?

Google loves fresh content; it favours Websites that add content on a regular basis by ranking them higher in the search results. If you rank higher than your competitors, you will increase visitors to your Website as well as leads from people searching for your products and services, which, in turn, will increase your sales and client base.

Although content marketing can be a considerable time commitment, providing quality content for your visitors will pay off in the long term. Once you have created the content, the content can be shared on your social media channels.

WSI Montreal can help you create a content marketing strategy and provide you with guidelines for best practices for blogging to increase your readership and followers and become a thought leader in your industry.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how WSI Montreal can help you with your content marketing and social media marketing needs.