Your Online Presence Matters

You have less than 5 seconds to make a great first impression online. Our team will ensure that impression is a great one. You need a Website that looks great, loads quickly, uses current technology and is tailored to your target market.

If your competitors’ site loads up quickly and yours takes incredibly long to load, whose site do you think they will invest more time visiting?

If you have a flash-based Website, you are closing yourself off to a whole segment of visitors who may be using an iPad or iPhone to search for information online. You need a site that can be found easily.

Partner with WSI Montreal as your digital marketing agency and we will make this happen.

Website Design and Development Services

We have many years of experience designing and developing solidly-built Websites. We are constantly evolving our methods and are on top of all the latest trends in Website design and the best practices and standards for development and coding. This ensures that all sites that we create load as quickly as possible and are built to be search-engine-friendly. SEO-friendly sites make it possible for Google to index your information and rank your site in search results.

Looking for a fresh new design to attract new visitors? Learn more about our web design and website development services.

Content Management Solutions

Do you want full management capabilities to update your bilingual Website quickly and efficiently? We have the experience to handle the more complex multi-language CMS sites including Spanish, Chinese or Russian Websites.

Learn more about our Montreal Content management services.


Mobile devices now account for nearly a third of all Web traffic. This includes traffic from people using smartphones and tablets. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to have a site that responds to this growing trend and offers a visually pleasing and interactive mobile browsing experience. Don’t lose out on business because your Website does not display correctly for mobile devices. A responsive or adaptive Website is a must in today’s market.

Learn more about our mobile Website development services.

Landing Pages

Landing pages feature one specific product or service, with a focused message, call to action and a specific conversion point, all with the goal of converting a targeted visitor. Landing pages are often used in conjunction with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, as the page visitors are brought to when they click on your ad.

Learn more about our Montreal landing page services and find out how we can work with you to build the perfect landing page that is optimized to increase your conversion-per-visitor ratio and help you generate more business.

Content Marketing

There is no longer any doubting the power of search marketing and search engine optimization. Nor can there be any denying of the importance of quality, optimized content on your website when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of your search marketing.

Content marketing involves writing content that is focused around a specific keyword and message in a manner that makes it easy for Google to understand and rank your site well in its search results. This often includes the creation of a blog and writing of optimized blog posts. Blogs offer a great avenue for getting unique and optimized content on your site as well as an opportunity to add links to other pages on your site.

Have a look at our content marketing services to see how we can help you increase your SEO presence.

Our Approach

Our digital marketing team will spend the time at the outset of every project to conduct a business discovery meeting to learn about who you are and what your company excels at. We will also review:

  • Who is your target market and how can we position your products and services to solve their issues.
  • What are your primary marketing messages.
  • Who are your primary competitors both on and offline.

We develop a well-structured plan before we start the design of a Website to ensure that the most important information can be found quickly. Our West Island Web design team has been brought on board for projects that had previously been abandoned or stalled due to a lack of pre-planning. We help management and marketing teams come up with a well-structured site plan and wireframe that lays out the important messages that will allow people to learn about your business’ strengths.

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