Local SEO

Have you noticed the list of local search results at the top of Google when looking for a local business? These are referred to collectively as the “7-pack”. It is a powerful local SEO opportunity that is available to businesses who want to be found in their specific area.

You can rank higher than your competition by ensuring that your local information is displayed on your Website according to Google’s rules. It is also dependent upon other references to your Website that have been scraped off other directories. If that information is not formatted uniformly across all these platforms, Google is not able to provide definitive results due to conflicting information.

When it comes to SEO in Montreal, look no further than WSI. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to get your local business, trade or practice to the first page in Google, positioned ahead of your competition.

Ideal candidates for local search optimization are:

  • lawyers
  • notaries
  • accountants
  • contractors
  • auberges, hotels and inns
  • dentists
  • private schools
  • spa services
  • repair services
  • car mechanics
Ask us or submit a request for more info about our Montreal local SEO services and how you can lead the pack and beat out your competition.