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With the explosion of mobile devices, now, more than ever, customizing your online presence so that it is not only mobile‑friendly, but optimized for various mobile devices, should be an important part of your online and digital marketing strategy.

Depending on your industry and your target market, as much as one third of all traffic to your site is coming from mobile devices. If your Website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, your visitors may not have a positive experience, which means they may leave your Website and never return. As your Montreal web design experts and digital marketing agency, we will work with you to ensure not only that this doesn’t happen, but that we create and launch a mobile website that helps to increase your reach.

Smart businesses recognize this mobile trend and capitalize on it.

In order to ensure that your Website is optimized to display optimally on all devices, there are two options:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design involves creating only one Website that automatically reconfigures itself to display differently depending on which device is accessing the site, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This is often the better choice for your business, for the following reasons:

  • There is only one Website to update, which is more time and cost-effective, especially in Quebec, where a site will likely have at least two languages.
  • Google officially recommends responsive web design as its favoured mobile configuration and as the industry best practice. With a 67% search market share, following Google’s recommendations is good advice.
  • In terms of SEO, having only one site and one SEO campaign can be far easier to manage than having a separate mobile site and mobile SEO campaign.

Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive web design involves creating a separate mobile site that people are routed to when they visit your site on a mobile device. It is often a stripped-down version of the site that highlights the most important sections, features and information.  The  advantages of this approach are:

  • If you desire a specific outcome or a conversion from those visiting your site on a mobile device, it is easy to set up if it is a separate site.
  • For SEO, depending on the results you seek, it may be more suitable for your business to target different keywords for those searching on mobile. For example, people often search using more location-specific terms on a mobile device, such as searching for something “nearby.” In this case, having a separate mobile site and mobile SEO campaign could be beneficial.

Essential Features of any Mobile Website

  • Prominent logo and branding presence
  • Scroll-down menu navigation
  • Click-to-Call functionality
  • The graphics should be kept to a minimum to ensure faster load times.
  • Images should be resized for mobile devices.

Our Montreal mobile Website specialists will work with you to find the best mobile solution and build a great mobile site that is easy to navigate, loads quickly and displays the suitable information for each device.

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If your Website isn’t mobile-friendly, you risk losing traffic, visitors and ultimately  sales. Call us to ensure that they stay on your site and that you stay ahead of your competition