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We are very proud of the tailored solutions we have created for our clients over the years. We invite you to read through our case studies and get an in-depth look at some of our more challenging projects. Visit our testimonials page to hear more from our satisfied clients.

CLD Case Study

Organization Background


Développement Économiqe West-Island – CLD is a not-for-profit organization working as a veritable gateway to a vast network of partners, offering technical and financial resources to the many diverse businesses in the West Island of Montreal.



We were contacted by DEWI thanks to a referral from a client. Following an attempt to move forward with another web development firm, DEWI was seeking a team that would provide advice and guidance, as well as best practices, in the structure and architecture of their new website. The organization, which provides a wealth of business resources and regional information, needed a scalable solution that would meet all their functionality requirements while satisfying the needs of all the stakeholders and partners involved.

Several challenges were involved in the development of the website. Notably, the project required a full-feature CMS that could display and organize the large amount of information that DEWI needed to present. Additionally, the organization needed a way to better promote and organize events on their site. Finally, DEWI wanted a design with truly West Island centric images to assist with the promotion of the region as an ideal and dynamic place to do business.



In order to present a perfectly tailored solution, we carried-out our standard business discovery and creative direction meetings to produce ideally-structured wireframes and sitemaps to clearly outline the infrastructure of the site. Considerable time was spent at the outset consulting and discussing the priorities and goals of the website with the various stakeholders of CLD before entering the design phase; this is a step that is often overlooked by some web development firms. It is a crucial step to the success of a development project.

In terms of design, our team created a sleek, branded and functional design. WSI integrated vibrant and captivating banner images of the West Island to exemplify its beauty and to attract companies to the area.

In terms of website features, WSI integrated an events management system to the site, complete with a detailed events calendar. With this events management system, the organization is able to ensure the proper promotion and organization of its events. As well, our team created an SEO-friendly blog in order to give the CLD team a platform to get their marketing and informational messages out to interested parties.


“Chris and his team are first-rate professionals in their field. We hired them for our new, content-heavy website and couldn't be happier with the process and outcome. Our clients are raving about the new site. We feel it represents extremely well our team, our offer, our partners, and our West Island business community […]”
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Denis Coupal
Industrial Commissioner - Business Development at Développement Économique West-Island

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Travel & Tourism Case Study



Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves is an intimate, 12 room inn and spa in Sainte-Adèle, Quebec. The auberge and spa was opened 18 years ago by Hannes Lamothe, who runs and owns it today. Located beside a beautiful river, Beaux Rêves is focused on providing a pure, relaxed, and “unplugged” experience for its guests.


Due to the very competitive market in the tourist region of the Laurentians, Beaux Rêves was looking to stand out from the rest of the competitors in order to attract more customers and ensure consistent business throughout the year. To save money in tight times, Beaux Rêves decided to move entirely too online marketing, as it was proving to be more cost effective and very measurable.



It was important to create an attractive, well-structured Website that accurately displayed Beaux Rêve’s location and clearly demonstrated their extensive service offering. We developed a strategy for the site structure that clearly outlined the wide range of accommodations, facilities, spa treatments, spa packages, room packages, gift certificates and activity packages that the inn and spa offers; through clearly delineated menu and submenu pages, we made it simple for visitors to browse and discover Beaux Rêves unique selling propositions. In terms of design, we created bold banner images which showcased the location and its surroundings. To encourage conversions, we created conversion points for each section of the site and included call to actions on every page.

In the tourism and hospitality industry, it’s critical to have an optimized Website to attract customers and get noticed online amid all the competition. Therefore, our first priority was to ensure steady and consistent visitor traffic to the Website through search engine optimization. We built a solid SEO foundation in both languages based on our carefully chosen keywords to make it an ongoing source of organic traffic. Through our search engine optimization and local optimization efforts Beaux Rêves has remained consistently at the top of search engine results for many targeted keywords for many years. Another tool on our digital marketing strategy for branding, market research and reaching new geographic markets was leveraging Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

The next very important phase in the digital marketing plan was establishing an effective and well-thought out content marketing strategy which includes social media. A content discovery and strategic session with Beaux Reves and WSI was held to set the foundation. An ongoing content marketing and social media marketing plan was established and new original and creative content is regularly generated and leveraged on the blog and social platforms. This now plays a supporting role in SEO efforts and has helped keep Beaux Rêves at the top of search engine results.


As a result of the SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing efforts, Beaux Rêves’ Website has seen a consistent and substantial amount of organic visitors to the site every day. The redesigned Website has increased conversions by 400% due to the improved user experience, the increased credibility based on the new design, and conversion architecture.

The digital marketing efforts have helped the inn build brand awareness, reach new customers as well as create loyal customers and followers through social media management and engagement.

In the past few years, 3 local competitors have closed their doors due to a lack of a business, whereas Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves has increased their occupancy rates substantially and is going stronger than ever! Beaux Rêves is truly a digital marketing success story!


“The way I look at it, WSI is our partner and they’ve been instrumental in our success, we’ve worked very well together over many years as our business and the Internet has evolved.

When we launched our new site traffic increased immediately but most important was the fact that we were receiving about 4 times the amount of request for booking and information as before. We are also getting many comments over the phone or at the front desk from clients who really liked the look and the fact that all the information is easy to find.

Over the years we’ve done a lot of search engine optimization, strategic paid campaigns and lately blog and social media posting and it all works together to bring us guests through the front door. This is what it is all about! Great job WSI!”

Hannes Lamothe
Owner – Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves

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