Top 7 Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Make a Strong Comeback

We hope all our WSI friends, clients and business contacts are staying healthy, complying with the social distancing policy and coping with the Coronavirus situation that our country and the world find ourselves in and are able to keep a positive frame of mind.  

Our Montreal Digital marketing team has put together a list of valuable marketing tips that will not only keep you keep you busy during this quiet time but will improve your Web presence and social media properties and allow you to rebound faster on the other side of this work stoppage.

How to Make the Most of this Downtime

Social Media Announcements

The quickest way to reach your audience is via social media. Make a post and let everyone know exactly what your business is doing. Include working hours, remote work, and any changes to your service and the easiest way to communicate with you and your team. During a time when people have less physical access to your business, you can stay connected on social media and share positive messages. 

Post Notices on Your Website

Consider adding a popup to attract website visitors’ attention or add a note on the homepage that’s easily visible. Include helpful information about what your business is currently doing. Remember to update your hours, contact info, location, availability, etc.

Take This Time to Update Your Website

Since our government has paused business activity for the next few weeks for the sake of our country’s health, why not take this opportunity to make the revisions to your Web presence that you have been putting aside for the past few months.

Create New Content

In Google’s eyes, content is king. Our Montreal SEO team are big advocates of fresh new content that prospects or clients would find valuable and informative.  Consider writing some FAQs that would be of value for Google’s voice search. Create a Case Study demonstrating how you helped a client solve a unique situation.  By creating new content, it may help increase your search ranking results, so it will pay off in the longer term.

Proactively Work on your Online Reputation

People have plenty of time on their hands over the next few weeks. Take this opportunity to contact clients and ask for reviews and testimonials in Google My Business, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Reviews are important credibility boosters and these user-generated content pieces can be shared on your social media channels in the future.
Create a New Social Media Channel

You have been meaning to create that new social media channel and there is no time like the present. Read a few articles about getting started and go for it. Research some of your competitors for ideas about what to post. Set up your profile with all the relevant info about your business and come up with a plan of the type of info to post and then write a few posts, choose your visuals and then just start. You will learn along the way. If you do not have the time, our WSI marketing team can help you with your social media on an ongoing basis.

Update Your Online Listings

Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Local, etc. These are often the first things people see when searching for your business. Make sure they are updated with your hours and service info.

Send an Email

Yes, we all received numerous emails from businesses about COVID-19 but it’s still important for your business to reach out. Customers (especially those with current purchases, appointments, reservations) should know what’s going and what to expect from you.
Our WSI Team is Here to Help and we are Fully Operational

Here at WSI Digital Marketing, we continue to work remotely, serving our clients. We have launched a number of new websites in the past couple of weeks and have started a number of new projects that our clients decided to initiate, while things are quieter than normal to be better prepared to attract new customers when people get back to work. Our focus is on helping our clients stay relevant during this time, so they can rebound quickly.

Our Message of Hope

It’s such an uncertain time but our hearts are filled with hope. People all over the world are taking action, communities are supporting each other both offline and online. We will get through this and we will better ourselves because of it. Our team is fortunate enough to have the ability to work from home. We are 100% available for our clients and community and are here to provide guidance, discuss new initiatives and are here to support you and your business. 

We wish everyone to stay healthy, safe, and hopeful.

West Island Web Design Team Launches Responsive Website for Terragon Environmental Technologies

terragon-logo-bil_signs_largerOur West Island Web Design team is pleased to launch the new responsive Website for Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. Terragon is an engineering firm that provides resource and waste management solutions for remote communities including isolated Northern arctic communities, ships, resorts, hospitals, mining work camps and military installations. With the development of award-winning appliances that enable such environments to treat its own waste locally as opposed to having to manage the removal of it, Terragon works to generate useful resources through the re-purposing of waste and wastewater.

Terragon Environmental is just one of many companies and organizations that WSI has dealt with over the years, whose focus is in the northern regions including Quebec’s arctic region, Nunavik.  We are proud to partner with these organizations to help market them online.

WSI Digital Marketing – A Trusted Online Marketing Partner to Help You Promote Your Online Brand

At the outset of the project, our Montreal digital marketing strategists invested much time learning about the business, determining who their target markets are and how to improve the core marketing message so that it successfully reaches the end-users.  We designed and developed a responsive WordPress website with a blog to allow the Terragon marketing team to publish new content on an ongoing basis.

Moving forward, WSI Montreal Digital Marketing will provide ongoing WordPress support, training and will update the WP versions as well as the plugins to minimize the risk of the WordPress website being hacked.  We thank the Terragon team for their confidence and are looking forward to acting as their ongoing digital marketing partners in the future.

Custom Web Designs for your B2B or B2C Business

Our West Island Web design experts will provide you with a customized website design for your organization, B2B or B2C business. Contact us today to find out more about our design services.  Already have a website but need to be more active with your marketing?  Ask us about our social media marketing services.

The Importance of Having a Secure and Complex Password: The Do’s and Don’ts

BIR62RGGjGxN5nrbnzwu_3Strong passwords are incredibly important. They can protect our identity, they can keep our finances safe and they can keep our most personal files private. They can keep the use of our cell phones and computers out of the hands of strangers and they can prevent someone sending unwanted emails from our email account. A simple password can do just the opposite. At our Montreal Digital Marketing firm, we are extremely aware of the importance of having a secure password for all accounts in question and urge all our clients to create complex passwords during an account setup. Below we recommend how you can increase your chances of securing your online identity through the use of strong passwords.

Avoid Simple and short Passwords

The shorter the password combined with any word found in the dictionary can be hacked by someone who knows what they are doing within seconds.  Avoid using full words and short passwords. Passwords that spell out your name with the combined use of numbers such as M1ck@31 (Michael) are far from secure. So are dates such as birthdays, wedding dates or anniversaries. Even a 12 character password is not enough and a 15 character password can provide far more security than a 14 character password.

Use Characters

A password that combines a variety of characters including numbers, punctuation, upper-case and lower-case letters is considered very secure. Avoid using anything that hints to a word. Using H863KD??@0_z<<25d as a password is very secure, unlike 123!!321!!.

Set-up a Strong Security Question

Oftentimes we encounter websites that require us to select a security questions and answer in case we ever forget our account info. In most cases, people set up common security questions and answer such as your mother’s maiden name, your childhood best friend or the high school you once attended. Both hackers and anyone who knows you personally can easily figure this information out.  Make sure that you use a security question and answer that is as complex as possible.

All Passwords Should be Unique and Changed Every 3 Months

If you have a password that is 15 characters long, includes numbers, punctuation, upper-case and lower-case letters and is paired up with a stellar security question and answer, than you’re on an excellent track to securing your account. However, your online security can diminish within seconds if you use the same complex password for all of your other accounts. You should never use the same password you use for Facebook to access your PayPal or bank account.  

The Solution: Use a Password Manager

Another common mistake people make is writing down your password on an easily accessible piece of paper. This increases the chance of family, friends or coworkers hacking into your accounts. Instead of writing your password down, we recommend you get a password manager which stores and locks your passwords behind one master password. In other words, you only need to remember one very complex password to have several highly secure passwords with a password manager. Some great password managers include Last Pass, KeePass, Kaspersky Password Manager and 1password. The majority of these password managers are also compatible with Android and Apple products.

Contact Us

Whether you’d like help establishing a process in creating a secure password for your accounts, are interested in improving your online reputation or thinking of creating a new and secure website for your business, contact our digital marketing agency today.