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WSI Montreal Wins Another WMA Award

WSI Montreal is extremely proud to announce that we have won our 4th Web Marketing Association (WMA) Award for outstanding achievement in web development in the automotive field for our long-time client Pneus Gordons a Montreal based mechanic and tire shop that has been in operation from the same location for over 60 years.

Not only is the Pneus Gordons website aesthetically appealing and rich with informative content, it features an online database which allows consumers to compare tire prices online and view their full catalogue of specialized wheels to add a customized look to any vehicle.

WSI Montreal continues to help Pneus Gordons grow their business by providing ongoing SEO and local SEO services which will help Gordons to continue to rank high in Google.

The WMA WebAwards is an esteemed annual competition that has been setting the standard of excellence for website development and digital marketing for 17 years. Entries across 96 different industries are judged by an elite group on industry leaders who are dedicated to improving the quality of internet marketing and web development.

This year WSI selected 10 of the best entries from our network of 800 consultants around the world and all 10 of this year’s entries won Standard of Excellence Awards in various categories. WSI’s global team has won a total of 85 WMA Awards since it started entering the competition in 2007. Learn more about our global team’s achievements here.

Our agency, headed by Chris Murray and Laurie McCullagh is proud to be a part of the world’s largest network of digital marketing consultants that continues to set the benchmark for excellence in its industry.

We would like to thank Bruce Gordon of Pneus Gordons for his continued trust in our marketing firm and for giving us the opportunity to create an award-winning website for his business.

WSI Montreal has Launched a New Website for Mistassini Outfitting Camps.

The team at WSI Montreal is pleased to announce that we have launched a new website for Mistassini Outfitting Camps (MLOC). Uniquely located in untouched indigenous Cree territory, MLOC has been providing anglers with world class fishing trips in the exclusive waters of the longest lake in Quebec since 1975. On this exceptional stretch of water, guests can catch trophy size Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye and Brook Trout.

Our client recognized the importance of developing an online presence to increase their visibility and promote the extraordinary fishing experiences that they have to offer. MLOC gave us amazing photographs of Mistassini Lake, the two fishing camps; Louis-Jolliet Camp and Osprey Lodge as well as numerous examples of the fish species.

MLOC provided new content to help visitors fully understand not only the fishing experiences that are offered but also the history and modern day lives of the vibrant Mistissini Cree community. A big part of what makes the MLOC fishing trip so unique is the opportunity to experience the Cree culture and tradition first hand. Understanding this rich cultural heritage helps visitors to appreciate the fishing experience even further.

WSI Montreal is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to create a new website for Mistassini Outfitting Camps. This experience has reminded us all of the awe-inspiring beauty of the province that we call home.

If you would like to learn more about developing an online presence that truly represents what you have to offer contact WSI Montreal today to find out how we can help.

Announcing the Launch of a new Website for The Oily Story

WSI Montreal is pleased to announce the launch of a website redesign for The Oily Story, a website that promotes whole life wellness that all begins with essential oils.

We centered our efforts on not only enhancing the visual appeal of this website, but also improving its functionality by reorganizing the content on the homepage as well as the main navigation.

The use of carefully chosen graphics throughout the homepage helps to establish The Oily Story’s message. Our team started by selecting a new banner image that would set the stage for the entire site. We chose an image that truly represents The Oily Story’s core values as well as their clientele. The young, healthy and happy family that greets you on the homepage completely encompasses The Oily Story’s vision which was to create a space where people could get whole life wellness by learning about healthy living through essential oils.

The initial version of The Oily Story’s website made it difficult for the user to fully understand the company’s objective. On the redesigned homepage, WSI integrated new visuals, improved the messaging, added specific calls to actions and restructured the navigation which dramatically helped to eliminate any confusion that the user may have been struggling with.

We would like to thank everyone at The Oily Story for giving us the opportunity to work with them on redesigning their website. We were thrilled to have received the following review and are so very thankful:

“WSI did a complete re-design of our website and they made our website BEAUTIFUL, they made it CONVERT, they made it a site people want to be reading! We are so proud of how it turned out and I am happy to recommend WSI to anyone I know! If you’re an entrepreneur and need a website that promotes who you are, you need to connect with Laurie, Chris, their team. Not only do they go through every aspect of your business to make sure that you’re leveraging all of what you have but they make the entire process EASY! Our experience with them has been nothing short of – in a word – EXCELLENT.”

If your website isn’t quite making the impact that you were expecting, get in touch with our web design team today to find out how we can help.

Announcing the Launch of a responsive Website for the West Island Chamber of Commerce

Our team at WSI Montreal is incredibly proud to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website for the West Island Chamber of Commerce. The WIMCC’s mission is to encourage and promote the development of the West Island’s business community as they believe strongly that “strong businesses build strong communities”.

As the voice of the West Island’s business community, the WIMCC represents a dynamic network of 850 active members in all municipalities from Lachine to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

As proud members of the WIMCC since 2000, we took on this exciting challenge with pride as we truly understand first-hand the importance of showcasing the active and vibrant business community in Montreal’s West Island.

Discovery & Strategy

Working with the WIMCC team, WSI facilitated a number of discovery and creative sessions taking a deep dive into the analysis of the needs and requirements from four different viewpoints:

1. What do the members need?

2. What are potential members looking for?

3. What does the WIMCC’s executive require?

4. What does the WIMCC’s staff need?

WSI developed a detailed strategy presented in wireframes, site map and technology recommendations. Once approved, the detailed plan turned into reality by designing and coding a user friendly WordPress content managed platform with multiple features to meet the needs of the members, staff and the business community.

The Results

By delving into these 4 essential questions, we were able to ensure that the WIMCC’s new website would get these results:

1. An improved user experience which allows members to stay informed and engaged

Clear navigation allows easy access to upcoming events, member news, advocacy issues, information about member benefits and the digital membership directory. A regularly updated blog will keep users up-to-date on all WIMCC news.

2. Opportunities and value proposition by joining is apparent to potential members

Potential members can easily get an understanding of the value of their membership and the opportunities available to them simply by browsing easily accessible information about member benefits, group insurance program, commercial benefits and promotional opportunities Upcoming events can be viewed on the events calendar or listed on the events page.

3. A message that is strong, clear and consistent for the business community

Displayed front and center on the homepage with compelling imagery, the WIMCC’s message can’t be missed

4. An effective communication tool that the WIMCC’s staff can easily manage themselves

WSI reviewed the WordPress platform and its tools with the WIMCC staff to ensure it was what they needed to easily manage the website themselves. Our staff will always be available for support when necessary.

The WSI team delivered the website on schedule for the WIMCC’s prestigious annual event, the 2018 Accolades at which Joseph Huza, Executive director of the WIMC very graciously thanked us for our work in his opening speech.

We would like to thank The West Island Chamber of Commerce for giving us the opportunity to work with them to create a website that is not only visually sleek and clean but also provides easy access to information that plays an important role in promoting the West Island’s business community.

If you would like more information about our web design services, feel free to contact our local West Island digital marketing agency today.

Why Customer Reviews are Important

You have a business that you’re proud of and have an amazing new website but that’s not necessarily enough to help move your potential leads through the sales funnel.

Customer reviews have an undeniable impact on a consumer’s decision making process. They are incredibly persuasive and quite possibly one of the most effective ways to boost your credibility and gain new customers. Reviews will help to build your reputation in ways that a website simply cannot do on its own.

If you’re not actively seeking out reviews from your customers here’s why you should start now:

• 88% of consumers have read customer reviews to help them determine whether to choose a local business or not (

• 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review (

Customer reviews convert leads into sales

An overwhelming amount of consumers read online reviews and use that information to help them make a decision. Those little yellow stars are very powerful marketing tools. Consider the search results for ‘car rental’ below. Before even reading the reviews I think it’s pretty obvious who gets the most phone calls or visits to their website.

Reviews can help you rank in Google

Not only will your potential customers appreciate the vote of confidence, Google will respond favorably as well. Most people think that ranking well in Google is all about keywords and yes while keywords are very important but there’s more to it than that. Google wants to provide users with the best results all around, results that will ultimately be the most helpful. Positive reviews give your site more authority by validating your business which can help improve your ranking.

How do I get reviews?

Now that you understand how important reviews are, here are a couple of tips to help you get the ball rolling:

1. Just ask. Your satisfied customers will be happy to give you a review so don’t be shy.

2. Know when to seize the perfect opportunity. If a customer reaches out to you to tell you how happy they are, take the opportunity to ask them for a review. Don’t delay. The longer you take to ask, the less likely you are to get the review.

3. Be honest. Let your customers know how important reviews are to your business. If they had a great experience dealing with you chances are they will be more than happy to help you out.

4. Make it simple. When reaching out to your customers provide them with links to your Google My Business listing or reviews on your Facebook page. The easier your make the process the more likely they are to leave you a review.

What do I do if I get a negative review?

Negative reviews can be upsetting but believe it or not, a bad review can be good for business. Yes you read that correctly – good for business. A study by Reevoo found that 68% of consumers trust reviews even more when they see both negative and positive feedback. Nothing but 5 star reviews often leads people to believe that something is not quite right. A negative review here and there can help build trust as it boosts your authenticity because let’s face it – no one is perfect!

If you get a negative review always make sure to reply. This shows your potential customers how much you’re invested in resolving those less than ideal situations and it lets people know that you care. This is also a great opportunity to show people how you interact with your customers which will ultimately help boost your credibility and gain new leads.

Tips on how to take action if you get a negative review

1. Respond in a timely manner. A prompt response shows that you care and that you take customer feedback seriously.

2. Keep your cool. When you’re a business owner it can be very difficult not to take negative personally. Take a minute to digest what you’ve just read and collect your emotions so you can approach your response without being defensive or aggressive. This is not the time or the place to try to set the record straight.

3. Don’t be a robot. Write professionally but honestly and with a personal touch. Your response shouldn’t come off as generic or manufactured.

4. Say you’re sorry. Regardless of who was right or who was wrong, apologize for the negative experience that your customer had. Showing empathy is always a good place to start and a simple apology can go a long way.

5. Keep it short and simple. Be specific but don’t go overboard with the details.

6. Take things offline. Offer to connect offline to discuss further.

For most people (88% of consumers!) reading reviews has become an important part of decision making process. Reviews help to build your reputation and gain trust from your potential customers and they are a powerful marketing tool that may convince someone to go with you rather than the competition.

Do you need help with your online reputation? Get in touch with our digital marketing agency today! Why should you trust us? Click here to read our reviews.