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Congratulations to Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves

beaureves_blogpicWSI would like to congratulate Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves for their win at the Grands Prix du tourisme Desjardins Laurentides 2014 in the 40 units or less category! Notably, the award ceremony celebrates local travel and tourism establishments, festivals, and personnel in the Laurentian region.

Situated between Montreal and Mont Tremblant, Auberge and Spa Beaux Rêves was created 18 years ago by Hannes Lamothe, who still owns and runs the auberge today. The auberge offers a relaxing and cozy atmosphere for its guests and includes luxurious on-site spa facilities. Only a 45 minute drive north of Montreal, the auberge is the perfect destination to unwind in the Laurentians.

Our Montreal digital marketing agency is delighted to offer services for companies in the travel and tourism industry and is proud to have partnered with Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves for many years now; our partnership has included the development of multiple Websites as well as ongoing SEO services.

Our Montreal Internet Marketing team would like to commend the auberge spa on their continuous improvements over the years, which have clearly not gone unrecognized! It is the auberge’s unique atmosphere and surroundings, including a natural stone waterfall and a Nordic spa, which truly set the auberge and spa apart from its competitors. The auberge has undeniably become a hidden gem in the Laurentians!

Congratulations again to Hannes and his team! Keep up the great work!

Discover Auberge et Spa Beaux Rêves for yourself here and read more about their big win on their blog!

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Business

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Business

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for BusinessIt may not seem as fun or as personal as the other social networks, but it’s just as important for your business. Geared at professionals, LinkedIn is crucial for reaching your target market, generating leads, and establishing your business’ overall credibility. However, simply having a Company Page isn’t enough; make your efforts worthwhile! Here’s a guide to effectively using LinkedIn for business.

Optimize your Company Page

Due to its professional nature, LinkedIn is the prefect social platform for showcasing your products or services. While LinkedIn may have removed the Products/Services section on Company Pages, the network now offers Showcase Pages for companies to promote their business. Take the time to create diverse company Showcase Pages for each of your company’s products or services, optimizing each page with keyword-rich descriptions and high quality images. Of course, be sure to also complete your company profile with a keyword-rich company description and to include your Website URL: an optimized LinkedIn profile can do wonders for SEO!


At its core, LinkedIn is a networking site, but that doesn’t mean you should be presenting sales pitch after sales pitch on your page. Instead, share relevant industry news and articles to present your brand as a knowledgeable and credible player in the industry. If you’re sharing relevant and noteworthy content, individuals will want to follow your business. Be sure to share updates regularly, and to monitor your page for interaction; networking isn’t a one-way conversation!


As we all know, interaction on social platforms is important for creating brand awareness and loyalty. LinkedIn is a great network for joining relevant industry groups and discussions. There are two types of groups you should join – groups which include industry peers and groups which include potential customers. Becoming an active member in both types of groups will increase your industry knowledge and credibility, as well as generate more followers and leads.

Personal Profile

Whether you like it or not, your personal profile reflects on your company. Be sure that your personal profile is professional, complete, and optimised. Every professional LinkedIn profile should include:

  • A professional profile photo
  • A personalized URL
  • An optimized, keyword-rich personal description
  • A detailed account of your employment history
  • At least 200 connections
  • Recommendations and endorsements (Don’t be shy to ask for them! And always offer to write a recommendation in return!)
  • Use all 3 website link opportunities in your profile


Now that your profile is optimized, it’s time to connect! Search for people you already know on the network, and invite them to connect. This isn’t Facebook – be sure to connect with people you already have a professional relationship with, and always use a personalized message in your invitation. Don’t be shy to ask them to follow your page; if they’re willing to connect with you, they’re likely willing to connect with your business.

As I already mentioned, it’s all about networking. If you want your business to get noticed on LinkedIn, you’re going to have to put yourself out there.

Looking to master the other social networks for your business? Visit our social media page to find out more about which networks are best for your brand.

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