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WordPress Maintenance and Security: Why it’s so Important

At its core, WordPress is a very secure content management system (CMS). However, lack of security updates, maintenance and neglectful security updates can leave a WordPress site vulnerable to attacks. A hacked website can be very damaging for any business owner and it can lead to a loss of your online reputation. There are an estimated 75,000,000 sites online using WordPress and the majority of the most popular websites are vulnerable to an attack due to the lack of maintenance.

At WSI we value the importance of an updated system, plugins and files. We ensure the following:

  • Setup the right WordPress security plugin,
  • Schedule updates for WordPress plugins
  • Configure and deploy automatic backup and recovery tools
  • Secure reliable WordPress hosting that is complimented by web application firewalls for intrusion prevention

This is our Typical Setup for the System and Protection of a WordPress Website


WordPress Security Plugin

Using a trusted plugin we lock down WordPress and change its various default values that are typical for hackers to target. This prevents brute force intrusion attempts, file change detection, 404 detections, lockout bad users, hide login and much more. We receive monthly reporting of the overall security grade for proper monitoring of the system status and set requirements to review user passwords on a regular basis to deter bots from targeting a specific user. Best practices for strong password enforcement typically including 8-15 characters, 1 lower case, 1 uppercase, 1 special character and something unique for that user account.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Updating plugins is the most important maintenance factor for WordPress. 40% of online WordPress websites are vulnerable to hackers because of a lack of updates. We will always update plugins immediately when we’re notified of a potential vulnerability or exploit detected by the plugin author. Every quarter we update all of the other plugins on the website. Once the updates are complete we perform a thorough quality control check to ensure nothing has been compromised and verify that the version of the  WordPress CMS is updated to the latest security patch.

Website Backups

We work with a sophisticated backup and restore plugin that will automatically backup and save the website files and database once a month on a secure remote server. If ever there are any issues we can use this to restore anything caused by broken code, a broken plugin or if any content was accidentally deleted. Website backups are always performed before any plugins or WordPress version is updated to ensure a roll-back is easily accessible in case of conflicts.

Secure Web Hosting

Our trusted partners use high performing load-balancers using NGINX that securely and rapidly deliver fast content served with always updated PHP versioning. Our Server performance complimented by a secured (SSL) Content Delivery Network (CDN), provides powerful load speed and the secure delivery of content and images. Server monitoring is also set to detect if there’s an intrusion through unsecured ports and will lock them out if there’s a suspicious login attempt.

Use of a Web Application Firewall & Protection Against Input Fields

The Firewall authenticates and blocks out the bad robots attempting to break into your site in a single session or steal any data that it can scrape. It detects them and blocks them out of the site and server. We also use a secure form system that prohibits any cross-site scripting (XSS) and locks out any backdoor attempts considered to be vulnerabilities or potential exploits.

Without a thorough checklist it can be very difficult to remember all of these steps but at WSI we are continuously proactive in the maintenance of WordPress CMS, plugins, files to secure and protect our customers. Learn more about our WordPress maintenance and security or feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

WSI Montreal Receives a 2019 Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

WSI Montreal is extremely proud to announce that our digital marketing team has won our 5th Web Marketing Association (WMA) Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Design for Mistassini Outfitting Camps, an organization that has been providing anglers with world-class fishing trips in the exclusive waters of the longest lake in Quebec since 1975.

The Web Marketing Association (WMA) has been holding its annual WebAwards for the past 23 years. It receives nominations for 96 industry categories. The award winners are chosen by a select group of judges and industry leaders committed to raising the standards of excellence of web development on the Internet.

WSI Montreal, lead by Chris Murray and Laurie McCullagh is proud to be a part of WSI, the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants with its head office in Toronto, Canada. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants have helped over 100,000 businesses with their online marketing strategies. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing tactics, businesses can have a WSI Digital Marketing Plan tailored to their individual needs and help elevate their Internet presence and profitability to new levels.

This year, WSI was also named Top Agency at the 2019 WebAward Competition, taking home 15 WebAwards across multiple industries. The Top Agency Award is given to recognize the consistently outstanding development going on at interactive firms. WSI was recognized in the 2019 WebAwards for Best B2B Website, Best Medical Website, Best Restaurant Website, Best Home Building Website, five Outstanding Website WebAwards and six Standard of Excellence WebAwards.

We would like to thank Conrad Mianscum and his team at Mistassini Outfitting Camps for their continued trust in our marketing firm and for giving us the opportunity to create an award-winning website for their business.

if you are looking to partner with a marketing firm that gets results, give us a call. we would be happy to learn about your goals and growth objectives and suggest a customized solution to reach those goals.

WSI Launches a New Website for Les Agences Dinco

The team at WSI Montreal is pleased to announce that we have launched a new website for Les Agences Dinco, an independent manufacturers’ agent to the foodservice industry in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

With the help of their very dedicated and experienced sales team, Dinco has been providing their customers with the most up-to-date product information and superior sales and customer support for over 25 years. Distributors and end-users alike look to Dinco to provide on-trend industry solutions for their businesses.

Our client recognized the importance of updating their existing website with a modern new design. Using the WordPress platform we created a fully responsive site that Dinco can easily manage themselves. After a concise training session with our team, Dinco is now able to login to their site and make changes whenever necessary.

Dinco’s new site proudly displays the most up-to-date information from the manufacturers that they represent. A dedicated page for each manufacturer provides easy access to the manufacturer’s catalog, new products, promotions and website.

We would like to thank everyone at Dinco for giving us the opportunity to work with them to create a fully redesigned website that is every bit as functional as it is stunning.

If your website isn’t quite making the impact that you were expecting, it might be time to refresh your design. Get in touch with our web design team today to find out how we can help.

The WSI Digital Marketing Story

WSI was founded at the dawn of internet marketing in 1995 in Toronto, Canada, well before Google and Facebook were household names. WSI’s three founders set out to recreate the business world in cyber space.

Now WSI is the world’s largest digital marketing network with agencies in over 80 countries.

WSI Montreal is proud to be a part of this powerful award winning solution provider.

Watch the video below to learn more about the WSI Digital Marketing Story.

The WSI Story from WSI World on Vimeo.

Contact us today to learn more about our proven digital marketing strategies.

WSI Montreal Wins Another WMA Award

WSI Montreal is extremely proud to announce that we have won our 4th Web Marketing Association (WMA) Award for outstanding achievement in web development in the automotive field for our long-time client Pneus Gordons a Montreal based mechanic and tire shop that has been in operation from the same location for over 60 years.

Not only is the Pneus Gordons website aesthetically appealing and rich with informative content, it features an online database which allows consumers to compare tire prices online and view their full catalogue of specialized wheels to add a customized look to any vehicle.

WSI Montreal continues to help Pneus Gordons grow their business by providing ongoing SEO and local SEO services which will help Gordons to continue to rank high in Google.

The WMA WebAwards is an esteemed annual competition that has been setting the standard of excellence for website development and digital marketing for 17 years. Entries across 96 different industries are judged by an elite group on industry leaders who are dedicated to improving the quality of internet marketing and web development.

This year WSI selected 10 of the best entries from our network of 800 consultants around the world and all 10 of this year’s entries won Standard of Excellence Awards in various categories. WSI’s global team has won a total of 85 WMA Awards since it started entering the competition in 2007. Learn more about our global team’s achievements here.

Our agency, headed by Chris Murray and Laurie McCullagh is proud to be a part of the world’s largest network of digital marketing consultants that continues to set the benchmark for excellence in its industry.

We would like to thank Bruce Gordon of Pneus Gordons for his continued trust in our marketing firm and for giving us the opportunity to create an award-winning website for his business.