West Island Web Design Team Rebuilds the VOBOC Foundation Website

Logo-bilingual-onelineIt is a pleasure to announce that our West Island Web Design team has been chosen to rebuild the VOBOC foundation WordPress site. VOBOC (Venturing Out Beyond Our Cancer) offers newly diagnosed adolescent and young adult cancer patients help to ease their cancer journey with free distractions, resources and tools; providing unique membership as part of an oncology interdisciplinary team within leading cancer treatment centres. VOBOC continuously works to raise public awareness concerning increasing incidents of cancer diagnosis in adolescent and young adults and we are humbly supporting their mission in doing so.

WSI Montreal firmly supports the work done by not-for-profit organizations such as VOBOC and other organizations whose goals are to improving the quality of life in various ways. We are proud of the support our Digital Marketing team provides to many West Island organizations and businesses.

Goal of the Mandate: Provide a More Responsive WordPress Support Service and Increase the Client Management Capabilities

The VOBOC foundation was referred to our digital marketing firm by another West Island Business owner. VOBOC was in need of a much more responsive technical support and advisory team. Their website theme was outdated and no longer supported by the original developer which was a potential vulnerability of the site being hacked.  WSI Digital Marketing has rebuilt the WordPress site with a more current and trusted theme and will provide ongoing WordPress customer support, systems updates including theme and plugin updates and WordPress training into the future.

We have also freshened up the overall look and feel of their website with the use of larger visuals and have improved website management capabilities. Their web presence has further been aligned with the foundations goals and priorities with more prominent calls to action and ‘Donate Now’ button as well as visually demonstrating how many people VOBOC has had the privilege of helping over the years.

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Careers with WSI: Will you be our next Front-End Developer?

hiring_graphicAt WSI Montreal, we offer employment for both marketing and web development professionals. Our team consists of talented individuals specializing in web design and development, digital marketing and advertising, social media and business development. We offer rewarding challenges in a fast-paced and creative environment that will certainly contribute to the growth of your career and development of your skills and experience. Our team is close-knit and both culture and great fit are important to us as we continue to build our Montreal digital marketing team. We are centrally located in the heart of the West Island, with lots of free parking.

Available position:

Front-End Developer

We have an immediate opening for a Front-End Developer. If you are dynamic, ambitious, tech-savvy and interested in being part of our social marketing and web development team, we would like to chat with you! Our ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years of experience of full-time Front-end Web development, a trade school, college or a university diploma in a relevant field as well as a number of other skill requirements.

Got what it takes to be our Front-End Developer?

If your skills and experience match our requirements, please submit your CV with a cover letter by clicking here. Please note that we will only contact applicants who make it to the phone interview stage. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Future of SEO

THEFUTUREOFseoSEO can provide great benefits to your business. The right digital marketing firm will help you achieve this level of success through continuous and effective SEO tactics that work for you. Despite recent conversation, SEO is far from dead. In fact, SEO is here to stay as long as people continue to search the internet for products and services. Click the image on the left to view the info-graphic regarding the future of SEO. Make sure to click on the info-graphic  once more to zoom in.

Expand and scale your business with WSI Digital Marketing:

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The Importance of Having a Secure and Complex Password: The Do’s and Don’ts

BIR62RGGjGxN5nrbnzwu_3Strong passwords are incredibly important. They can protect our identity, they can keep our finances safe and they can keep our most personal files private. They can keep the use of our cell phones and computers out of the hands of strangers and they can prevent someone sending unwanted emails from our email account. A simple password can do just the opposite. At our Montreal Digital Marketing firm, we are extremely aware of the importance of having a secure password for all accounts in question and urge all our clients to create complex passwords during an account setup. Below we recommend how you can increase your chances of securing your online identity through the use of strong passwords.

Avoid Simple and short Passwords

The shorter the password combined with any word found in the dictionary can be hacked by someone who knows what they are doing within seconds.  Avoid using full words and short passwords. Passwords that spell out your name with the combined use of numbers such as M1ck@31 (Michael) are far from secure. So are dates such as birthdays, wedding dates or anniversaries. Even a 12 character password is not enough and a 15 character password can provide far more security than a 14 character password.

Use Characters

A password that combines a variety of characters including numbers, punctuation, upper-case and lower-case letters is considered very secure. Avoid using anything that hints to a word. Using H863KD??@0_z<<25d as a password is very secure, unlike 123!!321!!.

Set-up a Strong Security Question

Oftentimes we encounter websites that require us to select a security questions and answer in case we ever forget our account info. In most cases, people set up common security questions and answer such as your mother’s maiden name, your childhood best friend or the high school you once attended. Both hackers and anyone who knows you personally can easily figure this information out.  Make sure that you use a security question and answer that is as complex as possible.

All Passwords Should be Unique and Changed Every 3 Months

If you have a password that is 15 characters long, includes numbers, punctuation, upper-case and lower-case letters and is paired up with a stellar security question and answer, than you’re on an excellent track to securing your account. However, your online security can diminish within seconds if you use the same complex password for all of your other accounts. You should never use the same password you use for Facebook to access your PayPal or bank account.  

The Solution: Use a Password Manager

Another common mistake people make is writing down your password on an easily accessible piece of paper. This increases the chance of family, friends or coworkers hacking into your accounts. Instead of writing your password down, we recommend you get a password manager which stores and locks your passwords behind one master password. In other words, you only need to remember one very complex password to have several highly secure passwords with a password manager. Some great password managers include Last Pass, KeePass, Kaspersky Password Manager and 1password. The majority of these password managers are also compatible with Android and Apple products.

Contact Us

Whether you’d like help establishing a process in creating a secure password for your accounts, are interested in improving your online reputation or thinking of creating a new and secure website for your business, contact our digital marketing agency today.


WSI Montreal Web Design Team Launches Modern WordPress Website for Dorfin

photo-1457612928689-a1ab27da0dadThere’s no questioning the power of first impressions. An individual can decide whether or not they like your brand within the first few seconds of visiting your site. A great part in this is the quality, usability and design of your website. Thus, the importance of the design of your website is unquestionable as it is essentially the foundation of your marketing approach and message.

With this being said, it is with pleasure that we announce that our Montreal Web design  team has launched a new modern website design for client Dorfin. Dorfin has been the supplier of an extensive range of packaging and consumer products since 1954 and is among the most trusted dollar store wholesale suppliers.

Scope of the project

This project included the development of a WordPress platform also known as a content management platform. This platform is not only easy to use, but allows you to manage your website from any computer and does not require HTML editing or FTP software. Search engines favor WordPress sites as the code behind the site is simple, further facilitating the process of search engines reading and indexing the content. Moreover, blog capabilities have been integrated to facilitate active conversation regarding their promotions, events and new products. The blog features include social media sharing and content creation capabilities, ensuring that the website is favorably ranked on Google through regular content creation for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

WSI Digital Marketing to the rescue!

Our WSI Montreal digital marketing and web design team has long been the source of modern website design updates for many clients, both new and old. Our respected Montreal Web design and development team ensures that our Websites are built to exceptional standards and built to be search engine friendly.

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